Earthquakes and Disasters

Earthquakes and Disasters

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What does the Ageless Wisdom say about the causes of earthquakes and various natural disasters?

We know that human negligence is causing much of today's "natural" disasters, but is there a more subtle reason beyond the physical negligence?

Could it be that our physical actions are only an outer manifestation of our emotional and mental attitudes? Could we be triggering the hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis all around the world by the very thoughtforms that we are creating daily? Could all the ugliness, pain and suffering, revenge and killing cause damage to the benevolent energies that can protect us? Could the earth be reacting to all the negativity and violence in our daily lives?

If we can easily prove that human negligence causes disasters, then how much more do we need to do to stretch our minds and understanding to see that behind the actions or lack of actions, stand a huge set of belief systems, thought processes, emotional desires, national and religious hatreds, and separatisms. These form the underlying forces that shape the subtle aspects of our world.

All these and more are discussed in this lively and challenging booklet. 

  • Explains what causes earthquakes and disasters.
  • Provides the esoteric reason behind many of today's natural calamities.
  • Gives encouragement and hope by showing how these crises can be handled and even avoided.

A useful booklet to help us find ways to understand the real, underlying causes of the damage we are doing to our environment and how we can change the dangerous conditions we are now finding ourselves in.

Pages: 74

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