Education as Transformation, Vol 2

Education as Transformation, Vol 2

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Education as Transformation, Vol 2: Basics of Education

What is the vision and direction of education in the new millennium? What is the purpose of education? How do we uplift human life with the right education? How do we increase functionality in multi-cultural societies without disenfranchising certain groups? In Volume 2 of Education as TransformationTorkom discusses these very issues, and helps us understand how we can take positive steps now to contribute to the new era of education. 

   "When critical times come, people, groups, nations, and humanity search for new education because they face life and find that the education they received previously cannot solve their present problems. This is a very important thought. When you suddenly feel that you are inadequate or powerless to solve the problems of your family and your life in general, in order to make a breakthrough you desire to have a new education or a new tool in you hand to solve your problems."

   "Education without a universal goal burns its container. That is what is happening now, everywhere. While millions are anxious to learn more, to fill their stomach with knowledge, they have no ability to use that knowledge to free humanity from hunger, pollution, taxes, exploitation, disease, and crimes."

   “Education must be the life-giving current in each field to push it forward toward perfection and toward creating synthesis with every other field, having the one goal of providing the people of the world with a happy, healthy, and prosperous life.”

   "Education needs to produce the individuals or groups who can:

  • Solve the physical, emotional, and mental problems of humanity.
  • Solve the problems of life and death.
  • Solve the mystery of the human soul.
  • Solve the problems of human relations, in families, groups, nations, and in humanity.
  • Solve the problems of human health and diseases.
  • Solve the problems in government and leadership.
  • Solve the problems of man and his relation with nature."

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