Entering the New Millennium

Entering the New Millennium

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Highly recommended for gift giving; excellent introductory materials on the Teaching.


There is a huge shift in the consciousness of humanity. There is an increasing pressure that “we must do something” to face the challenges on every level of existence on Earth. Each one of us can do something to meet these challenges. What can we do?


This is a lucid and practical booklet to introduce the reader to what actions a person could take to make positive changes on our plant.


A clear, honest, practical, and urgent call to labor!


“The future well-being of humanity depends on sincere, practical, striving people, able to put energy behind their hopes and aspirations. We must feel the urgency and accept the responsibility and challenge to build a real future of Beauty, Joy, Health, Freedom, and Prosperity.


“There is a Plan or Blueprint for the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being of the planet Earth. But like all plans or blueprints for construction, this Plan needs trained, seasoned, experienced workers who can consciously undertake the labor of building this Future.


A good gift to introduce your friends to the practical ideas of the Teaching. If you have young friends who are disenchanted with life and politics and environmental problems, give this bookelt as a gift to uplift their spirits and give a practical guidance to what we can do.

Included in this booklet:

  • How do we make a shift in our consciousness?
  • What are the biggest changes that we can see until the year 2020?
  • How do we handle the changes after the year 2000?
  • What does the New Group of World Servers do?


Pages: 62

To learn more about how the Dark Forces operate and what we can do to battle their influence, especially how to deal with being discouraged and disheartened about planetary conditions, see the following books listed below.


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