Esoteric Science of Healing

Esoteric Science of Healing

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Torkom Saraydarian often gave lectures, classes, seminars and instructions on the esoteric science of healing. They were collected and first published in New Dimensions in Healing, a much loved and revered book for years. Now we are proud to present the remaining of his teachings on the science of healing.

This book is intended to transform your life through the Esoteric Science of Healing. You will not find a similar book anywhere! Sane and balanced, with internally consistent chapters and exercises for healing, uplifting, and integrating your whole life. Chapters are both practical and simple, as well as deeply philosophical. Read a sample chapter here.

Move away from the theatre of sadness and despair and move into healing, wholeness, and integration.

Here is what he writes in the introductory Chapter:

"With all the joy of my heart, I welcome you. I am so proud that you made it. It is a victory for you. When we assemble like this, we create a tremendous amount of magnetism and bring the forces that are needed for the transformation of this world. At this time you know the condition everywhere. More people like you must come together so that you bring new energies, new influences to the earth to solve human problems and make greater breakthroughs. In a sense you are coming here to render a great service.

"I would like you to slowly change your orientation from self-interest to the interests of the world. Real initiates and disciples do not care how much they advance, take initiations, or take higher positions in the Hierarchy. They forget their own self and what they are. They are interested in one thing: how they can be of service for humanity. That kind of orientation and tension slowly transforms your nature. One day you will see that you are a great initiate without knowing it. Every time you are questioning yourself about how much you are advancing, how you are doing, that is self-interest. Until the time comes in which you forget your self-interest, your self-progress in the vision of serving humanity, you cannot make true progress.

"If you can create a different world in your consciousness, then you are in a different world and you are going to be changed. For example, put the Christ in your consciousness. Put God in your heart, and see how They are transforming you. Let me see if you can do this. ...Do not be too happy that you did it because you did it for one reason: to be a better server for the world — which needs you, which needs your meditation, which needs your focus. I am really feeling that all of you will be in spiritual tension." (p.15).

Pages: 887
2nd Printing (2021) - Book Size: 6x9
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