Eyes of Hierarchy: How the Masters Watch and Help Us

Eyes of Hierarchy: How the Masters Watch and Help Us

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There is a magnificent group of spiritually advanced persons watching over us and guiding us. There are experienced Masters and Teachers Who register our every word, thought, emotion, and action. They live in the Subtle levels of life and function as spiritual beings, guiding and uplifting humanity to our divine destiny.

The Hierarchy is composed of men and women who have mastered Their physical, emotional, and mental natures and have developed the ability to function consciously in the world of souls. They are called Elders of Humanity or Initiates. Their goal is to enlighten and inspire humanity so that we are able to live healthy and sane lives.

We can come into contact with these Great Leaders when we learn how to uplift ourselves. Contact with Hierarchy gives our life profound meaning and direction; it carries with it a tremendous magnetism and power to transform our life. This is how we live a truly purposeful life.

This book will put you on the path of conscious cooperation with the destiny of your soul.

You will learn:

  • How disciples are tested.
  • Ways to serve Hierarchy.
  • How Masters guide and protect us.
  • How to contact your Master.

Once you make a contact with Hierarchy, your life will never be the same.

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Pages: 200

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