Family Series Booklet 01 - Duties of Grandparents

Family Series Booklet 01 - Duties of Grandparents

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"Grandparents are not old shoes who have finished their job, to be put on shelves or sent to different places. Grandparents have their special role in evolution..."

Grandparents stand for the future, for the spiritual education of the children of the family. Grandparents can use their life experiences and their practical wisdom to teach children how life works, what the essential values are, and what principles to develop so that the children are protected and learn how to make choices in life.

If you are forming a family, don't forget to include your parents in the rearing of your children. Your parents are a valuable asset to the health and spiritual education of your children; they are not just baby sitters or people who have no duties in your life! 

If you are a grandparent, pay attention to your duties to your grandchildren. They will learn valuable lessons from you and your life experiences. Your role changes as soon as you become a grandparent!

Pages: 23

First released as an individual booklet. Included in the 2nd Edition of Sex, Family and the Woman in Society.

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