Family Series Booklet 03 - For Women

Family Series Booklet 03 - For Women

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For Women: Learn how to find the perfect man in your life...when you are finally fed up, ready, and want that serious relationship! 

Highly recommended for gift giving; excellent introductory materials on family building according to the principles of the Teaching.

Describes how women can attract good men and how to use a marriage investigation questionnaire to find out if your man is a wise choice for marriage.

A real man is looking for a real woman. Look to cultivate your inner values and your inner self, and you will then attract the kind of man who will honor who you are.

Not every man you find is good marriage material. It would be much better if you ask many questions, evaluate the level of maturity and responsibility of the man, and see the long-term needs that you and he have before you commit yourself to marriage and family. You have a tremendous impact on a man’s life and the life of your future children and family unit.

Women are sometimes afraid to ask the hard questions and to make their future plans and needs clear to the man they intend to marry. Your level of confidence and self-esteem will determine how your man treats you. Honor yourself first and you will make sure that the man you choose will also honor you and honor your children.

Go into a serious relationship and marriage with your eyes wide open and you will not regret your decision later."When a woman is a magnet of light, beauty, and radioactive values, the right man of the same frequency will be attracted to her at the right time."
(p. 1) 

This is an honest and basic discussion on how to attract a good man and do so with logic and clarity. It also gives excellent guidelines on how you, as a woman, affect men and what that means to your relationship.


  • How you attract the right man
  • Marriage Investigation Questionnaire
  • How women affect men


Pages: 31

Excerpted from the book Sex, Family and the Woman in Society.

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