Family Series Booklet 04 - Ideal Marriage

Family Series Booklet 04 - Ideal Marriage

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Highly recommended for gift giving; excellent introductory materials on family building according to the principles of the Teaching.

You too can strive to have an ideal marriage; one that is just perfect for you and your spouse. Learn the secret in this wonderful little booklet! 

There is a secret tie that pulls people together. People think that attraction is a simple chemical affinity. But the esoteric wisdom shows us that we build patterns of relationships over many lifetimes. When we unite with another person in marriage, the relationship is a very complex and beautiful opportunity that comes to us from these lifetimes.

"In the Ageless Wisdom we are told that marriage is very sacred. It is formed through great laws of Nature. To make a successful marriage, we need to find those principles and guidelines of Nature that is given in the Wisdom Teachings." (p. 1)

Can you find your soul mate?

“A soul-mate is a person of the opposite sex in whom you see a great vision. Nothing physically, emotionally, or mentally hinders your love for him. You are in great fusion and ecstasy in his (or her) presence. Emotional, financial, or mental difficulties never affect your love; you can overcome them. Eventually you become one soul in two bodies.” (p. 2)

This booklet gives you guidelines to form and nourish the most beautiful marriage. It speaks of the ideal to which you can aspire. It is suitable for the married as well as unmarried couples who want to build lasting and nurturing marriage relations.

Pages: 22

Excerpted from Sex, Family and the Woman in Society.

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