Family Series Booklet 05 - Responsibility

Family Series Booklet 05 - Responsibility

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Highly recommended for gift giving; excellent introductory materials on family building according to the principles of the Teaching.

Do you wish people around you had a deeper sense of responsibility? Do you wish to instill this sense in your children?

In order to develop responsibility,  we must be responsive to others. This means to register thoughts, feelings, motives and conditions. Next, we learn to discern what is the best response to a particular situation. This creates in us a sense of oneness with people and with nature.  

"The sense of responsibility is the foundation of human relationships... Without a sense of responsibility, a person does not have direction and usefulness."

We have a responsibility for ourselves as well as for others. Find out how to live a responsible life and provide a model for those around you. Learn the five steps for recognizing your own talents and the talents of others. Learn the ways in which you can be a more sensitive and responsive person.

Perfect gift booklet for people starting on the path of the Teaching and young adults.

Included in this booklet:

  • 5 steps to recognize your and others’ talents
  • How to respond to others
  • How to evoke the best from others


Pages: 29

Excerpted from The Sense of Responsibility in Society.

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