Family Series Booklet 10 - Women as Torchbearers

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Highly recommended for gift giving; excellent introductory materials on family building according to the principles of the Teaching.

This booklet is the most inspiring information given for the upliftment of women, both in their own self-image and in the eyes of humanity.

Women need to take back their power. The dangers that women face today is as urgent as it was 100 years ago! Women all over the world are degraded, humiliated, and prevented from being the leaders of society. Worse yet, even in advanced societies, women do not have the inner confidence to see their immesurable worth in the lives of their children and in the health of humanity.

It is now the time, more than ever before, to know the true roles of women in society.

When women live their life according to their natural roles, they are manifesting the Divine Principles of the Mother of the World. Conscious women are needed now more than before. In every family and in every aspect of life, women play the pivotal role.

Included in this booklet is information with which to understand the differences between men and women. These differences empower women rather than detract from them. Women are not made to be like men or to compete with men. Women are different and rightly so. Women should understand, appreciate, and cultivate those differences and see how feminine qualities enhance all of life.

Included in this booklet are the unique ways women improve life, and the 14 responsibilities of women.

Pages: 43

Excerpted from Woman, Torch of the Future.

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