Family Series Booklet 12 - Family Relations

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Highly recommended for gift giving; excellent introductory materials on family building according to the principles of the Teaching.

Includes how to build family unity and what are the enemies of the family. 

"The foundation of the world is the family. At the present time, people think that marriage and family are artificial and have no meaning. When I talk with teenagers and with the general public, they do not have the same respect toward family and marriage that people had one hundred or even fifty years ago. If marriages are not based on real love and respect-on a real foundation-you do not have a state; you do not have a country; you do not have a world."

Included in this booklet are:

  • Vital steps you can take to build family unity
  • 17 enemies of the family, how to identify and eliminate them


Share this booklet with your spouse and children. Read it during your family time. Teach your children how to be vigilant and how and why to keep the family safe and secure.

Recommended for gift giving.

Pages: 46

Reprinted from Sex, Family and the Woman in Society.

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