Happiness, Joy, & Bliss

Happiness, Joy, & Bliss

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The best book ever to build the bridges to happiness, joy and bliss!
Never before published Teachings from Torkom's writings, seminars, and personal experiences on the process of being happy, sustaining happiness and building it into joy and then moving the inner joy to bliss.
This 514 page book will give you the foundation of why you want to be happy and how to pursue happiness in such a  way that it is sustainable and growing and satisfying in your whole being.
Torkom writes:
“One of the sources of joy is the feeling of gratitude. The feeling of gratitude releases the joy in your heart and brings peace to your body, emotions, and mind....
Whenever you need joy, peace, and relaxation, think about the blessings that you have had in the past and have in the present. Count your physical blessings, count your emotional blessings, count your mental blessings, and count the blessings that your pain and suffering gave to you....
Through such an attitude you will release the resources of your joy and save yourself from the poisons of irritation, grudges, remorse, hatred, and slander.
The feeling of gratitude will raise your consciousness toward the eternal values and higher realms of creative thinking.”
Included are over 50 exercises to increase your happiness and joy, to heal and forgive, to overcome adversities and past injuries and much more.
You will learn:
  • The foundation of happiness
  • The fundamentals of happiness
  • How to deal with painful events
  • How to bring happiness and joy to others
  • How to do exercises for increasing and sharing your happiness and joy.
This is the best book you can have and share with your loved ones.


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Pages: 514 

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