Higher Psychism

Higher Psychism

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We are honored to present to you Higher Psychism by Torkom Saraydarian. 

The interest in psychism and psychic phenomena is a natural part of human curiosity. Yet many people are misled and many suffer the consequences of activities related to lower psychism. People damage their physical, emotional, and mental bodies, which results in serious consequences in this life and in future lives. People engage in activities that remove their ability to make conscious choices, have a normal and natural life, do serious study and meditation, and to strive toward greater insights and greater understandings of life. People engaged in lower psychism often cause permanent damage to their subtle centers with far reaching effects to their physical glands and organs. 

This book grew out of two major seminars Torkom gave on psychism. The first seminar was on psychic phenomena, presented in July 1990. The second major seminar was on the Chalice and its mystery, given in April 1993. The presentations in these seminars form the core of this book Higher Psychism. To complete this book, we added his various writings specifically dealing with psychism. These include Torkom’s expositions on the intuition, future Gods, past lives, psychic phenomena, and psychic energy among others.

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