Leadership, Vol. 4 - Hardcover

Leadership, Vol. 4 - Hardcover

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"In all departments of human labor, there is a need for leaders who have vision, initiative, determination, vitality, and enthusiasm. There is a need for leaders who are able to stand against limitation of movement, ignorance, disorderliness, and ugliness. There is a need for leaders who are equipped with knowledge in their field of labor and who are equipped with the wisdom to protect their field of labor and their co-workers. There is a need for leaders who understand core values and principles and stand on them regardless of the common practices to the contrary."

In this volume, Torkom teaches about the responsibilities of a leader for the new generation by emphasizing the new image of a leader, the immediate and inner development of a leader, the dangerous paths of leadership, and how to have a balanced spiritual development that coincides with your path of leadership.

In this volume you will also learn about:

  • Mental circuits
  • The importance of self-image
  • Dangers facing the leader
  • Good and evil
  • The glamor of power

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Pages: 424

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