Leadership, Vol. 5 - Hardcover

Leadership, Vol. 5 - Hardcover

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In this 5th and last Volume on Leadership, Torkom focuses on how you have and give meaning to life when you ready yourself to lead. True leaders are not appointed by anyone; they appoint themselves to lead, to serve, and to give. 

"Leadership gives meaning to life. If you are a leader of yourself, you give meaning to your life. Your life does not pass meaninglessly. What does it mean to have meaning? It means that you are somebody who can offer progress and unfoldment in the process of life. You are not lost in the life."

"Other leaders, besides you, give meaning to life. This means that they hook you to a plan, a purpose, and your life takes on meaning. Without gearing yourself to the Plan of the Hierarchy, to the Purpose of the Planet, you have no meaning.

In this volume you will learn about:

  • Illusions of power
  • Laws of Nature that operate in Leadership
  • Leadership and sex
  • Humility and leadership
  • Your past, present, and future

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Pages: 503

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