Mental Exercises

Mental Exercises

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Visualization exercises to purify the physical, emotional, and mental bodies. Also, how to use the Sacred Word, AUM for the process of purification by utilizing sound and color.

This book is a transcription of a seminar given in Sedona, Arizona. Torkom begins by presenting the three powers of the soul and how these powers may be used to heal our bodies. Then follows step-by-step visualizations on the right use of imagery to purify the three bodies.

The use of the Sacred Word, AUM, for healing is also an advanced method of healing. In these visualizations, Torkom presents the right use of sound and color to heal the bodies.

Learn how to use the powers of your soul to heal yourself! The three powers of the soul are:

  • The power of thinking
  • The power of creative imagination
  • The power of visualization

A powerful booklet that is very useful in its simple yet profound insights and practical use.

May be used individually or in a seminar group setting.

Topics include:

  • Three Powers of the Soul
  • Purification of the Three Bodies in a Waterfall
  • Use of AUM and Sound and Color
  • Recreating Yourself
  • Radiation of the True Self


Pages: 93

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