Mysteries of Willpower - Vision Series #7

Mysteries of Willpower - Vision Series #7

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Do you wish you had more willpower? Do you wish you could follow through with your promises and decisions? Do your resolutions and plans to better your life and your family and your business often go unfinished and gather dust in the corners of your life? If so, then you need to think seriously about the true willpower that you can develop. It is within your reach if you are willing to do the work.

Your true willpower is equivalent to the amount of freedom you have; freedom from self-deceptions and false values. The more you become your true essence, the more willpower you have. 

Learn how to develop and maintain your true willpower. Learn how to overcome habits and self-deceptions that make you unhappy and depressed. Learn the power of the inner will and the effective way to use it in your life.

This book puts you in charge of your life. It helps you see your link to the greater will and use this link in the betterment of life.

"Willpower is the energy of the Creative Principle in the Universe. It is the power that creates, sustains, and destroys. Because everything is emanated from this principle, the Core of every atom, cell, form, entity, and soul has its own willpower. It is the inner Core or inner Divine Spark that is a portion of that energy of the Creative Principle of the Universe. It is this willpower that gradually paves the way for you to direct your steps toward Home, toward the source of the Creative Principle."

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Pages: 288

This book is a part of The Vision Series, which consists of 7 monographs designed for the beginner student and anyone who wishes to read one book on a specific topic. This series is also recommended as gift sets:

1: Breakthrough to Higher Psychism

2: The Year 2000 and After

3: The Purpose of Life

4: The Flame of the Heart

5: Dynamics of Success

6: The Mystery of Self Image

7: The Mysteries of Willpower

You may purchase the entire Vision Series at a discounted price.

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