Mystery of Self-Image - Vision Series #6

Mystery of Self-Image - Vision Series #6

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It is no SECRET: our self-image guides everything we do in life. What we believe about ourselves colors every part of our existence. Real success comes from within. Your mind-set will guarantee that you get what you are focusing on.

People who hate themselves will hate others and will never have successful and happy lives. People who are fearful and live in self-doubt will never treat others with respect and tolerance.

Whatever we do unto others is because we are doing it in reality to ourselves. 

Self-Image is what you think you are, the strong opinion that you have about yourself. The kind of attitude that you have toward life in general is also a part of your own image.

The great spiritual teachers emphasize the divine origin of every human being on earth, including yourself! This is the only way we can make real and humane changes in our life.

Study and read this book to discover how to build a true and lasting self-image. Begin today to believe in the beauty and dignity and divinity of yourself. Give this gift to everyone that you meet; a gift of your true being.

How do we change life on our planet? By knowing the divine origin of every human being on earth, including ourselves.

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Pages: 192

This book is a part of The Vision Series, which consists of 7 monographs designed for the beginner student and anyone who wishes to read one book on a specific topic. This series is also recommended as gift sets:

1: Breakthrough to Higher Psychism

2: The Year 2000 and After

3: The Purpose of Life

4: The Flame of the Heart

5: Dynamics of Success

6: The Mystery of Self Image

7: The Mysteries of Willpower

You may purchase the entire Vision Series at a discounted price.

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