Obsession and Possession

Obsession and Possession

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Obsession is when your life is controlled by factors other than yourself, either on the inside or outside. Possession occurs when your soul is pushed out and an entity takes over the controls of your life. In both situations, you lose self control and this presents a very dangerous situation to your health and sanity.

"Some people may ask why we should write about such dark, painful subjects as obsession and possession. We bring these subjects to light because in knowing who our enemies are and how they can attack us, we can try to create more health, happiness, joy, success, and prosperity in our lives. When people have clarity and simplicity in their minds, hearts, and bodies, they become successful, victorious, prosperous, creative, beautiful and joyful.

"The main obstacles on our path to success are intruders from inside and outside of us who create short-circuits in our systems."

We can see in the lives of dictators, criminals, abusive people, fanatics, and generally separative and hurtful people the conditions of obsession and possession. In the future, history will be read from the perspective of the obsessive and possessive conditions existing in the leadership and even in the masses of people in any given historical period.

We are living in an age that dismisses obsessive tendencies as an acceptable form of living. People suffer from mental illnesses and mental imbalances that are a result of obsessing and possessing conditions. This book is a wake-up call to every person to learn how to make the right choices in life, especially the right spiritual choices!

You will learn:

  • What is obsession and possession
  • What are the visible signs of obsession and possession
  • What factors contribute to obsession and possession
  • How to protect yourself from and obsession and possession
  • How drugs, alcohol, and sex are used by obsessors and possessors
  • What is the shield


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Saturday, 06 October 2007
This book is extremely valuable in toda's times, given the excess of crime, fanatacism, etc. It takes time to read through it carefully - and understand the many kinds and forms of obsession and obsesssion. It's not a book for everyone, but for those who want to learn about these deep psychological affects, this is a must-read.
Lou Schwartz