One Hundred Names of God

One Hundred Names of God

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The names of God are words of power. Say the names, repeat them, meditate on them and you will feel the power in the word. God is calling us to know Him, to understand Him, to see our own divine origin, to see Him in each of us.

Each religious discipline talks about the names of the Creator. Torkom found over 5000 names of God in his researches and studies. Each name brings one facet of the majesty of the Creation into our little containers. Names of God expand us and uplift us.

"How profound it is to be occupied with the names of God! We say that God has names, but in reality He has no name. How can we define something or give a name to what is nameless and is so great and so big, so deep and so vast that our names cannot fit him."

"His names are words of power. They are challenges for us. They are an invitation for us to develop the attributes of God, to cultivate the essence of the names in our life."

"Yet each name of God opens a new window within our consciousness to look at Infinity, hear the call of Infinity, and respond to Infinity through striving toward perfection."

Whenever you feel you are disconnected from the meaning of life, open a page in this book, read it, and close your eyes and think about the words.

Torkom writes this book as a symphony; there is musicality in the descriptions and in the delivery of the Teaching. This book has a high-powered energy that has to be felt and experienced.

Use this book as a meditative study of God and His many attributes and wonder at the Creation!

This book is sure to soothe, uplift, and heal you!

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Saturday, 17 October 2015
Torkom writes One minute of elevating your consciousness, of transforming your consciousness destroys your bad thoughtforms, your bad feelings, your bad plans, even your habits and bad motives. This is Torkom at his finest, simple clarity in explanation. I'd recommend this book to everyone. It is also a book that is made for meditation.
Bob Miller