Psychology of Cooperation and Group Consciousness

Psychology of Cooperation and Group Consciousness

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What does it take to learn to cooperate? Why do we need to be group conscious?

This is a very useful and practical book on how to build group consciousness, cooperation, a team spirit in your home, place of business, or group.

Using the eight principles of building cooperation, Torkom reveals how we can stop seeing ourselves as separate from others and see our link to all humanity. Cooperation is the key to living an abundant life. Cooperation the keynote of our future.  

Building a healthy, prosperous, and joyful life needs the key of cooperation. Cooperation is the fundamental basis for all life. Cooperation helps us find value in ourselves and in others and helps us nurture the growth and creativity of all we contact.

"Every time we fail to establish cooperation, we prove our own intellectual, spiritual, and moral failure."

Torkom Saraydarian reveals, through the eight principles of group consciousness, how to stop seeing ourselves as separate from others and begin seeing our link to all humanity.

The author shows how to break through inner obstacles of cooperation such as lack of knowledge, lack of skill, and lack of interest.

If you are seeking better relations and communication with everyone -- from a friend or a spouse, to family, friends, and larger groups -- you will love this book. 

This book is especially useful in building a dynamic family, spiritual and religious organization, and even a successful business.

Want to learn more about the secret source of abundance and growth? Take a course at TSG University. A six-week course on developing the sense of cooperation and group consciousness is included in the Introduction to the Ageless Wisdom study course. For more information, please see TSG University Online.

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