Questioning Traveler & Karma

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A revised release of an old classic! This little gem of a booklet taken from two of Torkom's lectures in the 1970s is a great introduction to Torkom's teachings and a page-turner for people serious about  embarking upon a journey of the soul.

 What questions do you want most answered in your life? What do you want to know about the basics of karma and the many journeys we take in our many lives?

We are travelers — on the planet, on the sea, in the air, in space. But most importantly, we are travelers of the inner space within our self. All those who are traveling that inner space journey know it begins with questions. The more precise and deep are the questions, the better will be the answers.

The way to make a breakthrough into yourself is through questions. Questions are ever-penetrating drills which help you discover new strata of life within new realms, new dimensions, new expansions.

Fourteen penetrating questions are presented to you by Torkom Saraydarian in this booklet. If you try honestly to face them and answer them, a new life will begin to unfold within you and your inner journey will have begun.

One of the “freeways” you travel on your inner journey is the freeway of Karma. What this freeway is made of, what it does, where it takes you, and how and why it affects you and your journey is explained in detail.

Torkom Saraydarian was a great traveler with burning questions in his heart and soul. Those who come in contact with his works face questions arising from their innermost being. No questions can exist if the answer is not already in existence within your soul. Bringing the answer out of your soul is the process of finding your True Self.

This booklet is an inspired and foundational introduction to our spiritual travels.

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