Science of Meditation - Softcover (3rd Ed. Slightly damaged cover)

Science of Meditation - Softcover (3rd Ed. Slightly damaged cover)

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The Science of Medtation is a timeless guide on the path of safe, effective, and protective meditation. A primer on meditation and an important book for any serious person seeking a constructive approach to spiritual and mental health.

Based on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, the Science of Meditation explains the science and process of the advanced seed thought meditation. This form of meditation provides:

  • The ability to think clearly
  • The ability to focus on one thought, training the mind to stay clear and calm
  • The ability to lead the body, the emotions, and the mind into constructive expression of the soul
  • The ability to see any aspect of life from multiple viewpoints
  • The ability to raise the consciousness
  • The ability to link the lower mind with the higher through the construction of the Antahkarana

The Science of Meditation offers simple, step-by-step methods of meditation.  It teaches how to meditate, the rules for meditation, the use of the Sacred Word, dangers and pitfalls to avoid, how to find the right form of meditation, and much more.

Torkom was a life-long student and practitioner of scientific meditation. This book reflects his personal experiences and processes in the study and practice of meditation.

Pages: 384 (3rd Edition)

All of the meditation courses, full moon observations, and training classes at TSG University are created in conformity with the instructions contained in this classic book.For more information on meditation and training courses, please check TSG University Online or contact us to speak to a meditation counselor. See related courses below.

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