Human Nature

Human Nature

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Human Nature will guide you step by step to making conscious choices in order to live in Nature and become whole. Discover how your human nature led you to the life you have and how that very same nature, with a few energetic changes, will lead you to the life that you want. You will be able to see through the hopelessness, pain, loss of faith and move into the energy field where you can build the solid foundation of mastery over the turbulent seas of life.

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Dove Flowers said on TSG's Facebook page, "I am reading the final chapters in this book, Human Nature. I have immersed in it since the day it arrived. This book is so impactful and holds such condensed, straightforward, necessary information through Torkom. It is almost eerie reading it now, with the current situation politically and the current president. It is like a lightning bolt of truth....shattering some of my own inertia and vague understandings of reality, underneath the fogs of cultural illusions. This is a book for the times! Thank you."

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