World Discipleship: Challenge for the Future of Humanity

World Discipleship: Challenge for the Future of Humanity

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World Discipleship  is such a timely book for the current age and the crises we face. When you read these pages you will hear the call of your future. The question then becomes, are you up for the challenge? In simple, direct language, Torkom expertly lays out exactly what is needed from us to accept the challenge of our future. These 54 chapters take us from individual effort to world unity and beyond. 

"I am going to work now and prepare myself in such a way that my dreams are actualized in the future. Those who do not think about the future lose even their present. This is so practical and scientific. It creates results. That is why we must do it."

From the back cover:

A disciple is generally seen as someone who follows someone else, such as a teacher, a more advanced or more knowledgeable person. But a disciple in the esoteric sense is a person who is committed, efficient, and on a clear track of continuous advancement and continuous striving toward a more perfected life.

A disciple does not follow anyone, but does follow the esoteric laws and principles. The disciple knows through experience that the shortest route to achievement in any area of life is to follow the laws of life. A disciple thus engaged is always looking ahead. This is the future. The “future” is not just tomorrow, next year, ten years later or even next life; it is the very next moment in one’s life and into infinity.

Read these pages with mindfulness. Think deeply about the implications contained in these words. Dedicate yourself to discipleship and work toward the future of your life and the life of our planet.

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