Fiery Carriage and Drugs

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Highly recommended for gift giving; excellent introductory materials on the Teaching.

This is a wonderful booklet to share with your children. Use age appropriate sections of the booklet. See especially the question and answer sections.


Why do our children use drugs, starting at a young age and continue to self-destruct? How do you guide your children to learn about real experiences of an expanded consciousness vs. the damaging use of drugs on every facet of their life? What can you do about the widespread use of drugs? This booklet can help you by educating you about the subtle human anatomy and be ready to discuss the real problems that can happen to any child in any family.


Many people think that drugs expand the consciousness. Sensitive children fall into the trap of having a quick fix and instant gratification. Children and sensitive people are the most susceptive to the use of drugs and to the confusion and inertia that false values create in them. Drug use plays into their sense of hopelessness and confusion. It is up to you, as the adult, to learn as much as you can so you can guide your family at an early age.


This booklet contains needed information about what is the basic constitution of man, how drugs interact with the subtle bodies, what are the best ways to expand the consciousness without the use of drugs, what are creative ways to use our energy, and a basic techniques of meditation.

Pages: 87


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