Subconscious Mind and the Chalice

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This book is composed of two sections. The first one is the subconscious mind. The second one is the Chalice. The study of the subconscious mind eventually leads us to the real Treasury within us which is the Chalice.

The Subconscious mind is filled with all our automatic thoughts, speech, and actions. When we have no power over them, they often lead us into embarrassing situations. The study of the subconscious mind helps us control these automatic thoughts, speech, and actions.

The Chalice contains all the true knowledge, the real love, the pure sacrifices the person has accumulated throughout his many lifetimes. They collect in this repository, and, life after life, the person is filled with the results of his own virtues, his own beauty. The Chalice contains what is often called Grace, which floods a person in times of need. The study of the Chalice helps us to discover the treasury of creative forces within our being and gradually learn how to use them for the advantage of humanity.

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