Teachings of Christ, Vol. 2: The Esoteric Principles of Christ

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The four volumes of The Teachings of Christ  by Torkom Saraydarian represent an in-depth explanation about the deeper meanings of the Life and Message of Christ. 

Teachings of Christ, Volume 2: The Esoteric Principles of Christ discusses the underlying principles that connect the Christ Teachings to the Ancient Wisdom Teachings. Christ pronounced principles that run deep in all spiritual disciplines of the ages.

Why did Christ come to Earth in physical manifestation and what did He do? Here is what Torkom says:

"When Christ came to this earth, He had something very, very great to do. … Christ came here to build something that was very unusual. He came here to build in the soul of humanity a prototypal man, an ideal man, an ideal woman, a temple that was unique, a temple that will be exactly what was in the mind of God.

"Imagine if you found out what God thinks about man, how He visualizes the man to be! … It is something that is beyond our visualization and imagination. Christ came to build that image, that vision in each soul, in each nation, and in all humanity — so that this vision, like a magnet, draws people, slowly, slowly, and makes each human being exactly like that prototype. That is what He meant when He said, ‘Be perfect as your Father in heaven is perfect.' " (p. 210.)

Pages: 510

Chapters include:

  • Christ and His Powers
  • Vision of Christ
  • Politics of Christ
  • Songs of Christ
  • Christ Consciousness

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Ch. 11: Holy Communion and its Meaning
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The Four Volumes of Teaching of Christ are:

1. Teachings of Christ, Volume 1, The Birth of Christ

2. Teachings of Christ, Volume 2, The Esoteric Principles of Christ

3. Teachings of Christ, Volume 3, The Transformative Power of Christ

4. Teachings of Christ, Volume 4, The Resurrection of Christ

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The beautiful covers of each of these four volumes feature original paintings by John Dumigan.  For more information on his art works, please contact us. 


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