Teachings of Christ, Vol. 4: The Resurrection of Christ

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The four volumes of the Teachings of Christ represent a lifetime of study and understanding of the deeper meanings of the Christ Teachings. In Volume Four, we present the topic of Resurrection, studied and explained from many angles. The result is a breathtaking view of the path of each human being.

“… Resurrection is the answer to a great call. And what is that great call? The Great Soul of this planet, Who was called the Father by Jesus and by many, many Masters, is calling back His sons. He is calling us back like a man standing on the mountain top and calling his lost son to come back. His Voice is tracing the path. Now this is the path which leads to resurrection. Hearing, listening to the Voice, being able to listen to that Voice and answering that Voice is the technique, is the process of resurrection. As you listen, as you hear that Voice, step by step you orient yourself. You find the right path to climb this mountain, this gap, these precipices. You discover how to penetrate these forests. You learn where to go so that you reach the summit and find your Father.” (p. 11)

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The Four Volumes of Teaching of Christ are:

1. Teachings of Christ, Volume 1, The Birth of Christ

2. Teachings of Christ, Volume 2, The Esoteric Principles of Christ

3. Teachings of Christ, Volume 3, The Transformative Power of Christ

4. Teachings of Christ, Volume 4, The Resurrection of Christ

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