Legend of Shamballa- Hardcover (hardcover only)

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The story of creation, the likes of which you've never read before! In magnificent and epic proportions, Torkom describes the creation legend, the creation of life on our planet, and the function and make-up of the spiritual planetary leadership.

This book is a bridge between the creation myths of many religions and the scientific basis of evolution. 

Shamballa, or the "White Island", has been referred to in many religious and cultural traditions of Asia. It is said to be located in the Gobi Desert. Legend says that only those with a highly advanced consciousness are able to access this vortex of power.

This work describes the legend of creation, the function and make-up of Shamballa, and the guiding light of the Hierarchy, the Christ, and other Great Ones.

A magnificent work of huge proportion in which gives the greatest hope for the future of humanity. If anything gives lasting courage and hope, this is the book!

Written as an epic poem. Read it out loud with your friends and hear the symphony of creation; feel the power of the Lord of the World!

Pages: 165

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