Transformation: Methods for

Transformation: Methods for

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Transformation: Methods for the Transformation of Life

"As the life of the planet is entering into a more complicated phase from political, religious, scientific, and financial viewpoints, it is recommended that world servers come together and create magnetic points on the planet so that the Forces of Light can work through them and dispel the darkness accumulating over the planet." 

A group of students gathered in Agoura, California on a November day in 1986 to experience a process of transformation. It was a three-day seminar presented by Torkom Saraydarian. During the seminar, participants listened to lectures, did intense visualization and meditation exercises, sang sacred songs and sacred mantrams and prayers, practiced rituals of blessing and purification, and experienced an expansion of the inner presence.

This book is a transcription of that intensive seminar. It is a beautifully presented book that you will use and cherish for its sublime as well as practical guidance.

During the seminar, it became clear to everyone that an inner experience was the key to the understanding of our spiritual self. Book knowledge and information are collected in the lower mind. Sometimes we cannot use this knowledge until we have a "supernatural" experience, something that hits our soul and makes us realize that we are not human animals but angels - that we are very advanced souls and citizens of the Universe.

Most of the Teaching we receive is brain knowledge and, in most cases, the heart is not operating. In these cases, the more we read and study, the more crystallized we become in our glamors and illusions. This book helps you release these crystallizations.

This three-day seminar was dedicated to the heart - to opening the heart - enabling those who attended to have a contact with the Great Presence.

Contents include:

  • Candlelight Service
  • Self-Examination
  • Victory Exercises
  • Blessing Oneself
  • Harmonious Transformation

One of the best ways to transform your life is through daily discipline of meditation, study, and worship. The related products by Torkom Saraydarian listed below offer solid guidance in these practices.

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