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A detailed and comprehensive study of The Great Invocation, a world prayer of dynamic proportions.

The Great Invocation  is one of the most beautiful and important prayers given to humantiy at the close of World War II.  It was released through the writings of Alice A. Bailey in three successive versions, culminating in the final version in 1946.

It has many mystical purposes, one of which is to anchor, through human invocation, the healing powers of God's Love, Light, and Spiritual Will on Earth and defeat the forces of darkenss. In reciting this prayer, every human being becomes a part of the Divine forces of our planet and anchors within his or her subtle centers the same light, love, and spiritual will.

It is a prayer that is recited by millions of people, in many languages, all over the world every hour of the day. It has many levels of meaning that is imbedded in the use of words, its numerology, and in its particular parts of speech. 

It is a prayer of ancient origin that is recited by the Christ every day.

Torkom explains what the prayer means, verse by verse, and explains why it is said and how to construct the triangles of fire. He also explains why to recite the Invocation in its original version and why to keep its rhythm intact. For example, he explains why to keep the word Christ in the Invocation by explaining the meaning of "Christ" that is not limited to the Christian religion.

A triangle consists of three people (not necessarily at the same physical location) who, at an appointed time, say "The Great Invocation".

We recommend that the Great Invocation is always recited in its original version wherein the power and majesty of the mantram is most present and contained. Recite this mantram any time you need healing and comfort. If you pray for healing for someone else, use this prayer and send the person the energies of Divine love, light, and power. you cannot go wrong reciting this prayer at any time that you need to make a link with the spiritual powers of the Great Ones.

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