A Treatise on Cosmic Fire (AAB)

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An exquisitely detailed teaching on the constitution of man and how it operates in the individual and in the macrocosm.

"The teaching which is given in this Treatise on Cosmic Fire might be formulated in the following terms: These postulates are simple extensions of the three fundamentals to be found in the Proem in the first volume of the Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky. Students are recommended to study them carefully; in this way their understanding of the Treatise will be greatly aided."

The book describes these postulates and expands and explains them in great detail.  Contains fascinating discussions of the mental fires, the fires of initiation, the path of opening the centers (chakras), elementals and the entire construction of the Constitution of Man.

Also contains an excellent and very advanced study of the Law of Attraction and its subsidiary Laws of Nature. 

Recommended for advanced students of the esoteric Teachings.

Pages: 1367

We recommend the following books and studies by Torkom Saraydarian to introduce the complex ideas presented in this book:

Five Year Course offered by TSG University online will provide the foundation of the Teaching. Once completed, reading the Treatise will be much facilitated.

New Dimensions in Healing sets the details for the Constitution of Man in a simple and understandable format.





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