Nicholas Roerich (by Garabed Paelian)

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"In beauty we are united, through beauty we pray, with beauty we conquer."

Nicholas Roerich - an artist, scientist, poet, philosopher, diplomat, Nobel Prize nominee - was one of the most inspiring cultural leaders of his day. He believed knowledge, beauty, and culture will lead men into the path of universal brotherhood.

He led an expedition into China and Tibet in the 1920's with his wife and two sons. He painted continuously and left thousands of beautiful paintings in the United States and Russia. He was especially instrumental in creating a movement for the safe-keeping of places of culture, arts, and antiquity in the world. He wrote beautiful poems and essays and kept extensive diaries of his travels.

Included in this book are the following topics:

  • The Roerich Experiment
  • Roerich's life work
  • Contributions to modern education
  • Message to America
  • Extensive bibliography of publications about Nicholas Roerich and his works

Visit Nicholas Roerich Museum online and in New York for wonderfully inspiring pieces of art and literature.

Garabed Paelian was an engineer, scientist, and spiritual seeker. He wrote many books in Armenian and in English. Read more about Garabed Paelian here.

Pages: 142

Very enjoyable reading.

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