The Serene Life (by a pupil)

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A pocket-sized book of serenity and beauty. Take it with you anywhere and read a passage wherever you may be. You will be surprised at the depth of this little gem!


There is a healing quality to this little article, which has proved very useful to thousands of persons in a time of stormy seas.

“Lo! The heart of Truth, the Central Gospel, the Midword of Life!…The Word of Words and the Doctrine of doctrines, simple as clear air and clear water, deep with the mystery of eternal depths…Whoever you are, it is the thing you have always looked for.”

We recommend this book as a gift for anyone who is grieving, is experiencing stress and worry, or is in need of calming words of depth and profound meaning.

Send it as a birthday card, or pack it into a gift box as an extra gift item!

Small, pocket-sized booklet, a total of 21 pages!


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