Art of Visualisation

Art of Visualisation

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A fundamental teaching on the art and science of visualization.  

Provides a step-by-step process of building your ability to visualize. Much healing and purification can be done by the process of visualization. Once this technique is mastered, you can use the power of your mental process to improve every part of your life.

The mind has a powerful impact on your life. If you train it to meditate and visualize and use it in a conscious manner, you can harness the most powerful tool available to you.

Torkom gave a series of classes to a select number of students in the summer of 1996 in Sedona, Arizona. The classes were powerful and dynamic presentations. Each class builds on the previous one and participants were taken from one level to the next and taught the art and science of visualization.

This booklet represents the transcription of advanced classes given by Torkom. It retains the same power and lucidity of these classes.

You will learn how to visualize, what to visualize, and what sequence of symbols to use to train your mind. The benefits of a trained and clear mind will make a huge and positive impact in every aspect of your life.

Pages: 78

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