Joy & Healing (3rd Edition)

Joy & Healing (3rd Edition)

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This book is required text for Change Your Life with Joy & Healing Course.

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Learn the real secret of joy and claim the power of joy in your life. When you do and are able to sustain it, life will have a new meaning and deep satisfaction for you. You will heal from your past wounds, enjoy life, and enable yourself to deal with life's interesting ups and downs.

"Joy is a special wisdom," says a Great Sage. Those who learn to develop joy are special people and so attractive and attracted to the best in life.

We have many memories of joy in our lives, but they have been buried by pain and suffering. We have forgotten that we can be joyful. We need to reach them, find them, and release them into our life so that we can once again experience the exhilarating joy of life.

"Since childhood, I have been attracted to joyful people. I have always had a deep desire to know what joy is, what joy can do, and what ways there are to develop joy and be joyful."

"...I have observed that joyful people are magnetic, successful, happy, creative, healthy, and honest...I observed the effect of joy on the physical body, the emotions, and thinking...."

A most loved book for over 20 years! You will love the insights, the stories, and the depth that it will touch you. You will be able to release that inner joy and heal yourself from many memories of sadness and neglect. Joy is a powerful healing tool for children and adults of all ages.

You will learn:

  • How to create a new identity
  • What are the various appearances of joy
  • How to increase our joy
  • How to bring joy to others
  • How to do exercises for joy


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Pages: 200

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