Solar Angel, Vol. 2

Solar Angel, Vol. 2

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New Edition 2020! 

The Second Volume of Solar Angel contains the collection of writings about the Soul not published in the First Volume. 

When the first volume of The Solar Angel was released in 1990, it was received with deep appreciation from the spiritual community. Torkom Saraydarian's explanations about the Solar Angel have helped clarify and expand our understanding of this most intimate Guide.

Torkom continued to write about the Solar Angel and publish various insights in many books after 1990. He also wrote articles about the Solar Angel that had not yet been published. This present collection, The Solar Angel, Volume 2, represents these published and unpublished writings of Torkom Saraydarian's legacy since 1990.

The Solar Angel is called by many names - Guardian Angel, Nirvani, Soul, Inner Guide, God's representative, the Conscience, and so on. All nations and religions speak of Guardian Angels. They protect us, guide us, inspire us, and teach us throughout our lifetimes, until we are able to stand on our own two feet. It is important to know that the Solar Angel is in continuous meditation, daily seeking contact with the human soul.

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