Family Values Booklets - 12 Booklet Package

Family Values Booklets - 12 Booklet Package

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Purchase individually for $4.50 each, or buy the entire 12 part set and receive 20% off!

Highly recommended for gift giving; excellent introductory materials on the Teaching.

Specifically recommended for family counseling and family related issues.

The Family Series Booklets consist of 12 booklets, each on one specific topic listed in alphabetical order. Purchase the entire set of 12 and save!

Or, you may order one booklet at a time. Please click on the specific titles for detailed information:

  1. Duties of Grandparents (Family Series Booklet)

  2. For Men (Family Series Booklet)

  3. For Women (Family Series Booklet)

  4. Ideal Marriage (Family Series Booklet)

  5. Responsibility (Family Series Booklet)

  6. Responsibility of Fathers (Family Series Booklet)

  7. Responsibility of Mothers (Family Series Booklet)

  8. Success (Family Series Booklet)

  9. Cooperation (Family Series Booklet)

  10. Women as Torchbearers (Family Series Booklet)

  11. The Heart of Your Partner (Family Series Booklet)

  12. Family Relations (Family Series Booklet)

These booklets are chapter excerpts from the following books by Torkom Saraydarian:

Sex, Family, and the Woman in Society 

Woman, Torch of the Future

Sense of Responsibility in Society

Psychology of Cooperation and Group Consciousness





Saturday, 10 November 2007
These are tremedously handy and useful for people of all backgrounds who seek to 'be a better person.' At first blush, it may appear that these topics are quite simple - but upon closer examination, I believe them to be quite challenging to adopt. Also - they make great gifts for those with whom we are in realtionship - especially when someone is in a relationship crisis or for someone whose demonstration of relationship skills is admirable.
Lou Schwartz