From My Heart, A Collection of Poetry, 3 Volume Set

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Three Volume Set:

It is with great joy that we present to you the complete poetry collection of Torkom Saraydarian. Torkom’s poetry speaks directly from his heart to the heart and soul of the reader. Among these pages, you will find the inner meaning of his life, his search, and his inner yearnings. You can see the inner journeys that he traveled as he pondered on the purpose and direction of life.

Volume 1 was published in 1995 and we are thrilled to now release Volumes 2 and 3. We have organized the poems in date order as they were first typed or digitized.

You will be moved to joy, tears, and wonderment as you read these poems about his philosophy, his parents, his sisters, his childhood, his deep inner yearnings.

We hope you enjoy these volumes and the depth and inner journeys of a great man, as told through his poems.

"Poetry is making love with your visions and with the deep feelings of your heart."
—Torkom Saraydarian


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