From My Heart- Collection of Poetry, Vol 2 (In softcover only)

From My Heart- Collection of Poetry, Vol 2 (In softcover only)

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A collection of poetry depicting the inner journey of a spiritual disciple by one of the greatest creative artists of our lifetime. Reading a person's poetry is the best way to go inside the working of his heart and mind. The reader sees rare glimpses of  the real person as he tries to understand the path of his life and all the people and events that gave it meaning and depth.

You will be moved to joy, tears, and wonderment as you read these poems about his philosophy, his parents, his sisters, his childhood, his deep inner yearnings.

"Poetry is making love with your visions and with the deep feelings of your heart."

"Readers of poems are not average people. They have abstract and practical minds, plus the light of Intuition. It is very important to have creative imagination and visualization to catch echoes of the poems that no average ear can hear."

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Pages: 515

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