Hierarchy and the Plan (damaged copy)

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Highly recommended for gift giving; excellent introductory materials on the Teaching.

Hierarchy is composed of those human beings who succeeded in mastering their physical, emotional, and mental natures and expanded their consciousness beyond the mental plane. They operate from the "Mountaintop" what is called in the spiritual field as the Spiritual Triad.

The Plan is the formulated program to help humanity reach its Divine potential.

This booklet describes the members of Hierarchy and how They operate. Also included are signs that characterize those who are Hierarchial workers.

A sane and honest look at how Masters operate and help humanity.

Now you can also read about the Plan and what it truly is. Presented are fourty (40) ways of the goals of the Hierarchical Plan.

Included are:

  • What are Chains, Globes, and the Rounds?
  • What are the Manus?
  • How was the Hierarchy founded?
  • The Departments of the Hierarchy
  • What is the New Group of World Servers?
  • What are Nirmanakayas?
  • Meetings of Hierarchy
  • Fundamental signs of a Hierarchical worker


Pages: 110

See the following books listed below for more information about the Hierarchy and how it operates.


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