Leadership Series Set (5 Hardcover Volumes)

Leadership Series Set (5 Hardcover Volumes)

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The Leadership Series is a set of five books that provide leadership principles and guidelines applicable to all areas of  life.  Based on Torkom’s lifetime experiences in leadership and teaching.

Each volume unfolds sequentially in a series of lectures, writings, letters, and guidelines that follow Torkom’s work as a leader and show his own growth and handling of leadership issues as they rose. 

He wrote these books honestly and with total focus on the integrity of a true leader.

The reader will find much material in the five volumes that is useful no matter what level of leadership he or she enjoys. You can find useful material if you are a manager of a company, a church leader or minister, a business leader, or a leader of a nation or nations. The principles of leadership are discussed and uncovered from the deeply esoteric perspective never before seen. You will find guidance on your inner life, your personal and family life, and your relations with those around you. Very importantly, the guidelines show how leadership is linked to spiritual principals that link you to every other leader in all fields of life.

The Leadership Series is available in Hardcover or Softcover editions. 

The series is offered as a complete set at a 25% discount. Each volume may also be purchased separately. To see the contents and descriptions for individual volumes, please click on the links below:

All five volumes are available in Softcover and Hardcover editions.
Please see the links below for each of the volumes.


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