Psychic Energy (2) Book Set

Psychic Energy (2) Book Set

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Commentary on Psychic Energy by Torkom Saraydarian

Psychic energy is the power of your soul; it comes from the energy of space. It can be cultivated, increased, and used in your life for healing and upliftment. It is the energy that gives you the power to persevere in life.  

Psychic energy is also the fire of your heart.  This is the essence of psychic energy. Psychic energy puts your heart in contact with the distant Heart of the Cosmos, and your heart is filled with the treasury of the Cosmic Heart.

This is how you can find the right direction in every part of your life. This is how you can tune into the greater rhythm of life and find serenity and balance.

Learn how to contact the Cosmic Heart and be in tune with it.

Learn how to heal and protect yourself.

Learn how to have joy, upliftment, and boundless energy.

Learn how to protect your energy and how to increase it and direct it toward benevolent actions.

This is a powerful and straight-forward book on the depth of your soul energy.


Pages: 240


Higher Psychism by Torkom Saraydarian


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