Rhythm Set-Softcover

Rhythm Set-Softcover

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We are delighted to offer our customers a discount on two very significant works by Torkom Saraydarian. These two books are essential to our understanding of life's rhythms and creating the life ‘more abundant’ we all strive for. When you buy these two books together, you will receive 25% off the regular book price.

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The Science of Meditation offers simple, step-by-step methods of meditation. 
It teaches how to meditate and the rules for meditation, the use of the Sacred Word, dangers and pitfalls to avoid, how to find the right form of meditation, and much more. (slightly damaged covers; perfect on the inside.)







The Symphony of the Zodiac is a study of each month as the Sun enters one of the twelve signs of the Zodiac. During each period, special energies are available which can be used to better yourself, accomplish tasks, and eliminate negative characteristics in your nature. The author explains the signs of the Zodiac, discusses the characteristics and keynotes of each one, and offers specific meditations for each month.


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