Teachings of Christ, Vol. 1: The Birth of Christ

Teachings of Christ, Vol. 1: The Birth of Christ

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The four volumes of The Teachings of Christ by Torkom Saraydarian represent an in-depth explanation about the deeper meanings of the Life and Message of Christ. 

In Volume I, The Birth of Christ, Torkom discusses the deeper meanings of Christmas, Holy Communion, inner and outer preparation for Christmas, challenges facing the inner birth, Holiday Rituals and Holy Communion, and more. Torkom writes about Christ:

What were the intentions of Christ to take birth? They were:

  1. To destroy the glamors accumulated in the sphere of the earth and allow more light to penetrate to this planet.
  2. To transmit to earth the Ray of Compassion so that humanity could grow, unite, cooperate, and create conditions in which unfoldment of the potentials of the soul and its blooming would be possible.
  3. To give an example of achievement and show man what his destiny and highest task is - which is to be perfect.

For two thousand years, His true disciples have kept His fire alive. This fire caused great changes in the consciousness of the people and kept the world from falling into the ways of barbarism and darkness. 

We celebrate the birth of this most precious Hero and renew our dedication to His Purpose, His Plan, His Teaching. (Introduction, pp. 11-12)

The Four Volumes of Teaching of Christ are:

1. Teachings of Christ, Volume 1, The Birth of Christ

2. Teachings of Christ, Volume 2, The Esoteric Principles of Christ

3. Teachings of Christ, Volume 3, The Transformative Power of Christ

4. Teachings of Christ, Volume 4, The Resurrection of Christ

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Read an extended Book Review by Dr. Robert Constas.

Pages: 576

The beautiful covers feature original paintings by John Dumigan. 


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Tuesday, 04 December 2007
Dear Gita and Group, Congratulations on having published this priceless book! Nothing stops you from your work. You are a treasure. I just read the Foreward, Preface and Introduction. I am very emotionally moved and inspired, especially by the last sentence of the Introduction, which says, "Sit in silence, and from that moment on, live in the presence of Christ within you." - Love to all, Steve
Stephen E Sample