The Path of Service (2) Book Set

The Path of Service (2) Book Set

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Initiation, The Path of Living Service by Torkom Saraydarian

Initiation is a process of breaking down of the physical, emotional, mental, and higher barriers. These barriers can be our ego, vanity, attachements, fears, or even beliefs and habits. The path of initiation is the path of greater freedom. 

"…To take initiation means to enter a higher level of consciousness or a deeper relationship, communication, or awareness. Some people think that when a Master initiates you, you suddenly expand your consciousness and you are purified and perfected. On the contrary, real initiation is a process of great labor, through which you gradually build your vehicles of communication and through them achieve greater relationship with the centers of light, love, and power within the planet and the solar system.

"In each initiation, one must prove his usefulness in the world. All initiates are known only by their service. No one has the right to declare his degree of initiation, or yours for that matter. Others must only see his service, his shining beauty, his purity, and receive inspiration from him. The knowledge of his initiation must remain between him and his Initiator."

Extended Book Review on Initiation, the Path of Living Service
by Dr. Robert Constas.

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Dynamics of the Soul by Torkom Saraydarian

What is the human soul? What is the Soul? What is the Solar Angel? What is the Higher Self and how is it different from the Inner Self?

This book is a clear explanation about the growth, development and blooming of the human soul, which is often confused with the Solar Angel or the Soul. 

The human soul is the indwelling spirit that lives from lifetime to lifetime. It grows and matures and expands in power and psychic energy. As we live a life of light, love, and spiritual will, our soul grows and expands its contacts and expressions. This link enables us to contact Higher Worlds and also enables us to express these contacts of higher learning.

The home of our human soul is our Chalice, the Temple of Solomon, the Lotus.

Torkom clarifies the differences between the human soul and the Solar Angel. He describes the inner treasures and the seven dynamics of our soul. He gives profound instructions on how to build our soul and how to protect it from danger and damage.

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Pages: 344

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