Vision Series (Set of 7 Books)

Vision Series (Set of 7 Books)

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A dynamic series of books by Torkom Saraydarian designed to provide for you in-depth explanations on single topics. These books are written in a style that is practical for both the beginner and advanced student. The beginner student will understand the basic components of the subjects, whereas the more advanced student will understand how to approach and teach and explain these subjects.

The series is called the Vision Series because Torkom felt that these little books will help you expand your vision and then slowly blend your vision with the greater visions of the Spiritual Hierarchy. In reading and studying these books, you will become familiar with the powers of psychism, the dynamic laws of nature and how they help us, the purpose and direction of your life, the map of the human heart, the path of success, the importance of the right self image, and the importance of cultivating the power and direction of the inner will.

The Series consists of seven books, and they may be purchased individually or as a group. You will enjoy a 20% discount if you purchase the entire set of Vision Series books. If you wish to see more detailed information about the contents of each of the books, click on the title of the books below.

1: Breakthrough to Higher Psychism


2: The Year 2000 and After


3: The Purpose of Life


4: The Flame of the Heart


5: Dynamics of Success


6: The Mystery of Self Image

7: The Mysteries of Willpower


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