Teachings of Great Ones

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In this collection, Teachings of Great Ones, Torkom takes us on a journey with the Masters of Wisdom throughout the ages, and traversing many religious traditions. You will read about the advice and guidance given by some very influential saints. On this journey we meet St. John, St. Sergius, St. Thomas, Hermes, Milarepa and the Sufi Masters. We are introduced to ancient sacred texts such as the Upanishads, Shamballa and Ramayana. We also learn about certain important myths and their origins. 

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Pages: 604
Publish Date: August 2016
Product Dimensions: 5.5" x 8.5"
Age Range: 16 - adult

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Quotes from book

"The Hierarchy is composed of many Great Ones from all religions: great saints, great masters of literature, art, philosophy, politics, education. When people write about the Hierarchy, they give the impression that Hierarchical members are all religious people — Christians, Buddhists, or Muslims. They are not. They belong to the whole. They do not have any “ism,” any color, any belonging, here or there. World universality is in Their soul. They are universal." —Torkom Saraydarian

Meet the Author


 Torkom was born in Asia Minor. Since childhood he was trained in the Teachings of the Ageless Wisdom under the guidance of his loving father. He continued his search and training and found how the Ancient Wisdom Teachings shed light on the man's quest to understand life. He dedicated his entire life to search for the Light of Wisdom and expressed his findings and understanding in speech, writing, music, and leadership. His legacy is the expression of his inner growth.  

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Friday, 12 August 2016
The Teachings of Great Ones is filled with interesting stories from many different cultures and spiritual teachings. It has enriched my knowledge and understanding that there are universal standards and qualities that can be expressed in many ways to appeal to the culture in which they appear. This consistent thread demonstrates the commonality at the heart of all human experience and is an inspiration for all those looking to bridge artificial standards and barriers. This book also shows how the search for the divine inspires artistic expression in the chapter on Hermes and the Ramayana.
There are so many chapters that became favorites! Each chapter presents a high standard and an example of a Great One who achieved that standard. Teachings of Great Ones is a book of hope. It shows that spiritual guidance and inspiration has been with humanity from remote times and will continue to guide, inspire, and transform all those who search.
The Teachings of Great Ones includes chapters on spiritual teaching of great Masters and approaches to God that synthesize the principles that are the foundation for the development and the ideal expression of the soul.
Tonia Schwartz