Hidden Wisdom of the Lotus Sutra

Hidden Wisdom of the Lotus Sutra

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     The entire Lotus Sutra is the Teaching of oneness and an invitation
to all beings to reach the realization of oneness. It is the Teaching that
the invisible and the visible, the formless and the form, the microcosm
and the macrocosm, the life and all phenomena are one.
     The Lotus Sutra says that this is the Teaching that illuminated
millions of beings and led them to the path of enlightenment, nirvana,
and Buddhahood.
     Why will such a Teaching be considered the most sacred, the
most fundamental Teaching in the Universe? Discover why alongside
Torkom Saraydarian as he navigates the content of the Teaching and
gives readers a process by which to study sacred writings so that we
can, on our own, learn how to study and understand sacred literature.

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